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For those of you on the West Coast...

Jon and Stephen made an appearance on Conan tonight! It was brief, but still hilarious. Look for it about 10 minutes in. :)
From TV Guide:

Amy Sedaris has booked a multi-episode arc on The Good Wife, a show rep confirms. Sedaris will play Stacie Hall, a lobbyist who starts stealing the clients of Alan Cumming's Eli Gold. "We love Amy. We sometimes have dreams of switching all the actors from The Wire and Strangers With Candy," series co-creators/executive producers Robert and Michelle King told TVLine, which first reported the casting. "The next best thing is to have Amy playing Eli Gold's nemesis." There is no set airdate for Sedaris's Good Wife debut. The 50-year-old actress, best known for the TV series and subsequent film Strangers with Candy, most recently appeared on Raising Hope. She also released a book last November called Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People.

A show where the actors from The Wire and Strangers With Candy switch lives? That's the best idea for a show I've ever heard.
From Charity Buzz: The Colbert Report will be hosting a photo show at Chelsea Market in New York City featuring photos from the last 6 years of the show. The photos featured here were taken by staff members, Andrew Matheson, Kristopher Long, and Andro Buneta, as well as photographer, Scott Gries. The proceeds from the auction will benefit low-income art classrooms at DonorsChoose.org."

You can go HERE to view the full list of items and bid now!


A big CONGRATS to The Daily Show on their two Emmy wins tonight for Oustanding Writing for a Variety Series and Oustanding Variety Series! Hopefully I'll have Emmy pics tomorrow! Until then, please enjoy this absolutely wonderful .gif of Stephen looking adorable in a tuxedo. :)

(.gif courtesy of f***yeahstevejonandstephen tumblr)

Indeed you may, Anderson. Indeed you may.

How AWESOME was that segment?!

(screencap courtesy of Zeggy's Awesomesauce)
I ran across this Summer 2009 online issue of Legacies, the newsletter from the Medical University of South Carolina. The newsletter has a feature story on the ceremony that Stephen Colbert and his family attended back in July of 2009 that honored Stephen's father, Dr. James W. Colbert. For those of you who do not remember, a building was dedicated in Dr. Colbert's honor, the James W. Colbert Education Center and Library. An Endowed Chair was also established. The newsletter, in addition to a photo of the Colbert family at the ribbon-cutting ceremony, also features a few quotes from Stephen about his father and about the Endowed Chair:

“I remember fishing with him once at the Folly Beach Pier. It was probably 1973, at a time when there was some tension between the races,” he says. “There was a very old black gentleman there fishing by himself and dad said, ‘Why don’t we go talk to him and learn how to fish this pier?’ And we did. What I learned from that experience was the importance of going directly to the proper source if you want to learn about something. Even if doing so seems to run against the grain of convention.”

“I thought it was a great idea,” said Colbert. “We love the fact that the education center and library are named in his honor, especially since my mom still lives in Charleston. But buildings come and buildings go. An endowed chair will be there for as long as the institution is there.”

As far as tributes go, Colbert said it would be difficult to find one more fitting than the one his family has created at the Medical University, where Dr. Colbert played such a pivotal role in setting the institution on a path that would lead it to become one of the top academic medical centers in the country.

“The university setting was home for him during his whole medical career, but I didn’t know my dad when he was at Yale or St. Louis or even at the NIH,” says Colbert. “However, I do know that he worked very hard at the Medical University during what were very difficult times. If he could see what it has become in the 35 years since his death, I think he’d be very proud. It’s completely fitting.”

To read the full article on the ceremony and to see the photo mentioned above, go HERE. (NOTE: This link opens as a PDF file)

Monday night eye candy!

Because the shows are dark for another week, and because I've been wanting to post this since June, I thought I would take this opportunity to post some Stephen Colbert Eye Candy. I have no idea where the picture is from, but I do know that I got it from the http://sephencolberumblr.tumblr.com/. At any rate, Stephen looks AD-orable.


The New York Times has posted a great article regarding the Colbert SuperPAC, writing that Stephen Colbert has "taken the equivalent of a political homework assignment and sprinkled a little silly sauce on top, and people seem happy to dig in.

...One person who works on "The Colbert Report" who declined to be named, in keeping with the secrecy of Super PAC-hood, said that like the other soft-money operations with soft and cuddly names, Citizens for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow is in it for the long haul, because, as he pointed out, "there wasn’t a lot of competition for this piece of real estate." "Not even the actual news reporters want to cover campaign finance. We decided that we would just see how far we could go," he said. "And it turns out that, like everyone else raising money in politics, we can pretty much do what we want.'"

(To read the full article, click on the link above.)
In a brief but spot-on article from Ad Week, Emma Bazilian writes that in the new ads for Downy Unstopables, Amy Sedaris exudes "the charm of a housewife who's just escaped from an institution" and that Sedaris is a welcome sight in the ads, noting that "while there's certainly no shortage of overly perky saleswomen on TV, the lovably off-kilter demeanor that has boosted Sedaris to cult status helps her to steer clear of being irritating in these spots (here's looking at you, Progressive lady). And considering her penchant for smoked cheese balls, occasionally dangerous crafting, and pet rabbits, it's not hard to imagine that Sedaris could use a little Downy fresh."

Ad Week also includes two of the Downy ads, one of which I hadn't seen before:

According to technewsdaily.com: "MakerBot Industries recently launched a bright green 3-D model of Colbert’s head attached to a weather balloon into space and used it to capture stunning images of the planet below.

MakerBot used a FlipCam – which was attached to a box contraption that was then pulled up by the weather balloon – to take video of the event. After the weather balloon popped, it sent the box back down to Earth, whichlanded miles away from the departure site.

MakerBot tracked the contraption via a GPS chip in a cell phone that was also included in the box."

This is so cool! What's even cooler is that they captured the launch on video, which I've embedded below. It even includes some of the video footage of 3D Stephen's journey. Enjoy!